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      Xinlong Group has always attached great importance to technical innovation and invested huge manpower and material resources in research and development, which get better results. The company has won a number of honorary titles such as "Top Ten High-tech Enterprise in Hainan Province", “National Key High-Tech Enterprise” and “Major Executive Unit for the State Torch Program”. A number of state-level and provincial-level R&D institutions have been successively established in Xinlong Group, including “Enterprise Technology Center”, "Hainan Engineering Research Center for Nonwovens", "National Nonwovens Technology Center" and "Asia Nonwovens Technology R&D Center", "National Nonwovens Postdoctoral Work-Station" and "China Nonwovens Technology Industrialization Base". The establishment of these institutions indicates that Xinlong Group has a powerful comprehensive strength in technological development and innovation and new product research in the nonwovens industry.


      The employees at the R&D Center of Xinlong Group are aged between 25-55 on average, and those with senior professional titles account for 40%. It is a R&D force with reasonable age and title structures, in which the young and middle-aged core members play the leading role.


      The R&D center is located in Technology Center Building integrating research, inspection and engineering experiments and has a full range of logistic service facilities and utilities. It consists of 10 R&D labs, 3 pilot test lines and 3 engineering bases, forming a complete chain for the enterprise to carry out research and development and transfer and industrialization of achievements.


      The R&D center is mainly committed to research and engineering design of the key technologies and the relevant equipments in the fields of new nonwoven materials, spunlaced nonwovens, spunbond nonwovens, meltblown nonwovens, laminated nonwovens, functional finishing, thermobonded nonwovens and apparel interlinings. It can undertake the tasks such as science and technology research, engineering development of achievements, engineering contracting, technical trainings, technical consulting, product inspection and technical services.